Machinery Materialsand Environmentally Friend Materials Laboratory

Researching materials for machines and natural energy

We are mainly researching on eco-friendly machines and recycling. Some students are conducting research on raw materials of powder metallurgy, which requires less processing, and their properties, while some others are dispatched to the National Institute for Materials Science to conduct study on recovering precious metals from electronic substrates using a powder metallurgy method. Combined thermoelectric and hydroelectric generation from hot spring sources and dye-sensitized solar cells are also the theme of students’ research. Students conduct the research to write a graduation thesis.
Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name FUJIKI, Akira
Academic Society Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc.
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy
Keyword New materials,Environmental burdens,Low-carbon society,Thermoelectric elements,Reduction of processing burden,Energy-saving technologies

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For Society

We are engaged in many joint research projects with companies or public research institutions. Our graduates have gotten a job at carmakers, auto parts makers, environmental engineering companies, food companies and other companies in other fields. Many students opt to continue their study at graduate schools.

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