Social Systems Science Laboratory

Examining social systems from scientific perspectives

Are there hidden laws in human society and history? Why is there such a frenzy like the one we saw at the World Cup Soccer? How did morals and punishments come into existence? Here come the internet and artificial intelligence that may completely change our society in the future. But learning new things from the past is important. At the Social Systems Science Laboratory, we are thinking about our future society by using computers and game theory and examining society and history systematically from scientific perspectives.
Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name
NAKAI, Yutaka
Academic Society
Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
The Society of Socio-Informatics
The Japan Society for Management Information
Multi-agent, Game theory, Human behavior simulations, Computer simulation, Data science, Artificial intelligence

Study Fields

Information science
Interdisciplinary sciences
Management engineering

For Society

Our laboratory is pursuing research on the basic mechanisms that build our society by using artificial society on computer.

Research Themes