Software Engineering Laboratory

 Let’s make software that can be really used

The software must not only fulfill requirements but also be easy and safe to use. Furthermore, it must evolve in response to changes in user requirements and the environment surrounding its users. Our laboratory is conducting research on engineering and educational methods by applying object-oriented development methods such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Java to develop high-quality software that can be used safely by all people. We participated in Embedded Technology Software Design Robot Contest for six consecutive years to test and develop our technologies.
Faculty of Engineering
Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name
Saeko Matsuura
Academic Society
Information Processing Society of Japan
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
Software development technologies, Object-oriented, Java, Programing, Software, IoT(Internet of Things), Embedded systems, Requirement engineering, UML (Unified Modeling Language)

Study Fields

 Software engineering

For Society

Nowadays, everybody has mobile phones that contain software. Software now features in many devices. The technologies we study are used in every field that uses software.

Research Themes