Semiconductor Devices Laboratory

Researching semiconductors for sophisticated information communication

 We study the operating principles of ultrahigh-speed, ultrahigh-frequency semiconductor devices of the nanoscale for communication by visualizing the inside of semiconductors through extensive use of computer simulations. Our research will help realize a more affluent society by further functionalizing many digital communication devices, such as smartphones, and home appliances that use semiconductors.
Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name
HORIO, Kazushige
Academic Society
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Computer simulations, Nanotechnologies, Semiconductors

Study Fields

 Semiconductor engineering

For Society

Our research will contribute to the further functionalization of PCs and the advancement of smartphones and satellite communications. Also, it may help unravel new physical phenomena that appear at the nanoscale.

Research Themes