Electronic Information Systems

Knowledge Information ProcessingAIBA, AkiraProgramming, Artificial intelligence, Electronic libraries, E-Learning
Systems Control LaboratoryCHEN, XinkaiMotion control, Control systems, Mechatronics
Social Simulation Laboratory
GOTO, Yusuke
Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Analytics, Modeling
Software Engineering Lab
Software Engineering,Model-Driven Development,MATLAB/Simulink,Programming Language
Semiconductor Devices LaboratoryHORIO, KazushigeComputer simulations, Nanotechnologies, Semiconductors
Networked Embedded Systems LaboratoryINOUE, MasahiroNetworks, Ubiquitous, Embedded systems, Safety, peace of mind, System engineering, Consumer behaviors
Nonlinear system LaboratoryIOKA, EriComputer simulations, Numerical analyses, Nonlinear mechanic analysis
X-ray Astronomy LaboratoryKUBOTA, AyaSpace, Physics, Mechanics
Advanced Communication Design LaboratoryMANO, KazunoriVoice, Information and communication technology (ICT), Artificial intelligence, Signal processing, Multimedia, Man-machine interfaces, Acoustics, Human interfaces, Robots
Software Engineering LaboratoryMATSUURA, SaekoSoftware development technologies, Object-oriented, Java, Programing, Software, IoT( Internet of Things), Embedded systems, Requirement engineering, UML (Unified Modeling Language)
Multimedia Information Network LaboratoryMIYOSHI, Takumi Internet, Network, Multimedia, IoT (internet of things), Ubiquitous, Disaster resistant networks, Data analyses, Machine learning, Urban designs
Social Systems Science LaboratoryNAKAI, YutakaMulti-agent, Game theory, Human behavior simulations, Computer simulation, Data science, Artificial intelligence
Constraint Processing System LaboratorySUZUKI, TetsuyaSoftware, Programing, Search algorithms, Algorithms
Visual Information Technology LaboratoryTAKAHASHI, MasanobuImage recognition, Human interfaces, Medical engineering, Image processing, Visual information processing, Artificial intelligence, Neuro systems, Human interactions, Software
Management of Technology LaboratoryTANAKA, HidehoInnovation, Technology management, Intellectual property management, Patent rights
Wave information systems LaboratoryTANAKA, NaohikoMedical care, Ultrasonic, Signal processing, Acoustics, Biological information, Electronic circuits
Signal Processing Systems LaboratoryWATANABE, EijiSignal processing, Electronic circuits, Acoustics
Distributed Network Systems LaboratoryYAMAZAKI, TakuInformation and communication technologies, Information networks, IoT (Internet of things), Wireless, Internet, Apps
Space Observation Systems for Astrophysics LaboratoryYOSHIDA, KenjiUniverse, Physics, International Space Station