Systems Engineering and Science

Electronic Information Systems

Knowledge Information ProcessingAIBA, AkiraProgramming, Artificial intelligence, Electronic libraries, E-Learning
Systems Control LaboratoryCHEN, XinkaiMotion control, Control systems, Mechatronics
Social Simulation Laboratory
GOTO, Yusuke
Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Analytics, Modeling
Software Engineering Lab
Software Engineering,Model-Driven Development,MATLAB/Simulink,Programming Language
Semiconductor Devices LaboratoryHORIO, KazushigeComputer simulations, Nanotechnologies, Semiconductors
Nonlinear system LaboratoryIOKA, EriComputer simulations, Numerical analyses, Nonlinear mechanic analysis
X-ray Astronomy LaboratoryKUBOTA, AyaSpace, Physics, Mechanics
Advanced Communication Design LaboratoryMANO, KazunoriVoice, Information and communication technology (ICT), Artificial intelligence, Signal processing, Multimedia, Man-machine interfaces, Acoustics, Human interfaces, Robots
Multimedia Information Network LaboratoryMIYOSHI, TakumiInternet, Network, Multimedia, IoT (internet of things), Ubiquitous, Disaster resistant networks, Data analyses, Machine learning, Urban designs
Social Systems Science LaboratoryNAKAI, YutakaMulti-agent, Game theory, Human behavior simulations, Computer simulation, Data science, Artificial intelligence
Constraint Processing System LaboratorySUZUKI, TetsuyaSoftware, Programing, Search algorithms, Algorithms
Visual Information Technology LaboratoryTAKAHASHI, MasanobuImage recognition, Human interfaces, Medical engineering, Image processing, Visual information processing, Artificial intelligence , Neurosystems, Human interactions, Software
Management of Technology LaboratoryTANAKA, HidehoInnovation, Technology management, Intellectual property management, Patent rights
Wave information systems LaboratoryTANAKA, NaohikoMedical care, Ultrasonic, Signal processing, Acoustics, Biological information, Electronic circuits
Signal Processing Systems LaboratoryWATANABE, EijiSignal processing, Electronic circuits, Acoustics
Distributed Network Systems LaboratoryYAMAZAKI, TakuInformation and communication technologies, Information networks, IoT (Internet of things), Wireless, Internet, Apps
Space Observation Systems for Astrophysics LaboratoryYOSHIDA, KenjiUniverse, Physics, International Space Station

Machinery and Control Systems

Mechano-Informatics LaboratoryADACHI, YoshitakaMechatronics, Virtual reality, Robots, Computer simulations
Optimal System Design LaboratoryHASEGAWA, HiroshiSystems engineering, Design, Optimization techniques, Design for sensory values creation, Structural mechanics, Mobile robots, Automobiles, Computer simulations, Service design
Terra-Mechatronics ResearchesIIZUKA, KoujiroSpace robotics, Mobile mechanisms, Soft, uneven ground
Environment and System Control LaboratoryITO, KazuhisaControl systems, Energy-saving systems, Farm assistance systems, Movement controls, Machine learning, Advanced controls
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems LaboratoryITO, ToshioImage recognition, Automobiles, Simulations, Image processing, Driving assistance systems, Driving simulators, Artificial intelligence, Autonomous driving, Interface
Fluid Power System LaboratoryKAWAKAMI, YukioControl system, Fluid mechanics, Robots
Power and Energy Systems LaboratoryKIMIJIMA, ShinjiEnergy conversion, Clean energy, Fuel cells, Cogeneration, Next-generation energy, Energy saving, New Energy, Bioenergy, Use of waste heat
Quantum Information LaboratoryKIMURA, GenMathematical science, Physics, Probability theory
Social Interaction Systems LaboratoryMUTO, MasayoshiGame theory, Network, Human interaction, Mathematical science
Smart manufacturing systems laboratorySAKAI, YasunoriIntelligent machine system, Production and processing, Tribology, Material function designs, Vibration control, Mechanical function elements
Industrial Design and Human-Centered DesignTANAKA, MinamiProduct design, Human-friendly technology, Universal design, Human interface, Human-centric design, UCD (user-centric design)
Digital Engineering LaboratoryWATANABE, DaiMedical engineering, CAD, Automobiles, tructural mechanics, Numerical analyses
Cognitive Science LaboratoryYATABE, Kiyomi 
Laboratory of Mechano regulation in Biological SystemsYOSHIMURA, KenjiroBiosensors, Biotechnology, Bio nanotechnology, Cellular engineering, Control systems, Basic biology, Proteins, DNA, Genetic engineering

Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems

Data/Simulation LaboratoryICHIKAWA, ManabuSimulations, Crisis management, Artificial intelligence, Agent-based, Gaming, Data science, Medical care, Disaster preparedness, Geographic information systems, Disaster mitigation
Structural engineering system LaboratoryISHIKAWA, YujiArchitectural structures, Earthquake-resistant structures, Reinforced concrete structures, Wood structures, Material mechanics, Precast construction methods, CFT (concrete-filled tube) structures, Earthquake-resistant reinforcement, Ultra high-rise buildings
Energy System Analysis LaboratoryIWATA, TomokoLow-carbon society, Energy controlEnergy saving, System engineering, Smart grids, Simulations, ICT (information and communication technology), Regional communities
Economical System Science LaboratoryKOYAMA, YusukeEconomic systems, Consumer behaviors, Statistics
Urban Environmental Engineering LaboratoryMASUDA, YukihiroSustainable, Recycling-based society, Resilience, Environment improvements, Crisis management, Energy saving, Global warming, Urban environments, Heat-island phenomenon
Laboratory of Architectural Space DesignMATSUSHITA, KiwaArchitectural designs, Building designs, Sustainable
Local Creation & Environmental Policy LaboratoryNAKAGUCHI, TakahiroEnvironmental improvements, Regional reinvigoration, Low-carbon society, Transportation planning, Ecology, Resident participation, Recycling-based society, Energy saving, Regional planning
Laboratory of Planning for Urban and Regional ResilienceNAKAMURA, HitoshiDisaster mitigation, Urban planning, Town development, Safety, peace of mind, Regional revitalization, Regional planning, Regional communities, Urban regeneration, Urban designs
Urban Planning LboratorySAKUYAMA, YasushiUrban planning, Urban regeneration, Land use, Space production, Aging society, Compact city, Urban environment, Urban landscapes, Urban design, Town developments using landscapes as assets
Architectural Design and Information Systems Laboratory (SAWADALAB)SAWADA, HideyukiArchitectural designs, Regional communities, ICT (information and communication technology), BIM (building information modeling)
Housing/Design History LaboratorySHINBO, AkikoDwelling environments, Historical architectural buildings, History of designs
Environmental Policy LaboratorySODENO, ReikoEnvironmental policies, Low-carbon society, Recycling-based society, Environmental improvements, Sustainable, Wastes
Urban Environmental Design LaboratorySUZUKI, ShunjiUrban designs, Urban environments, Cityscapes, Residents’ participation, Regional planning, Urban regeneration, Climate, Historical architecture, Land use

Bioscience Course 

Molecular Cell Biology LaboratoryFUKUI, KojiAging and anti-aging, Alzheimer’s disease, Neurons, Cell biology, Proteins, Brain neurodegenerative diseases, Dementia, Fat-soluble vitamins, Oxidative stress
Environ mental science laboratoryFUSE, HiroyukiEarth’s environment, Biotechnology, Ecology, Earth science, Environmental pollution, Global warming, Environmental analyses, Oceans, Microorganisms
Laboratory of BiochemistryHIROTA, YoshihisaFat-soluble vitamins, Molecular nutritional science, Drug development, Genetic modification, Brain neurodegenerative diseases, Bone diseases, Enzymes, Metabolism
Food and Nutrition LaboratoryOSAKABE, NaomiMedicine, Polyphenols, Brain-gut axis, Locomotive syndrome, Metabolic syndrome
Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Medicinal ChemistrySUHARA, YoshitomoRegenerative medicine, Dementia, Drug development, Organic synthesis, Alzheimer’s disease
Molecular and Cellular ToxicologyYAJIMA, IchiroGenes, Diseases, Illness, Skin, Toxicology, Treatment, Prevention, Living organisms
Molecular Microbiology LaboratoryZULKHARNAIN, AzhamMicroorganisms, Enzymes, Biotechnology

Biomedical Engineering Course

Biomechanism LaboratoryAKAGI, RyotaBiological information, Human engineering, Ultrasonic waves, Sports science, Sarcopenia, Training, Aging
Welfare and human engineeringHANAFUSA, AkihikoWelfare engineering, Human engineering, Medical engineering, Human interface, Handicapped
Laboratory for Cell Control EngineeringNAKAMURA, NaokoBiomaterials, Regenerative medicine, Medical engineering, Artificial organs, Biological materials, Medicine
Science and Technology Education System LaboratoryOKUDA, HiroshiHigher-education development, Educational engineering, Science and technology education, Teacher training, Faculty development (FD), Study on protecting biological resources, Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Pedagogy
Applied Brain Science LaboratorySATO, HirokiBrain function measurements, Cognitive science, Psychology, Biological information, Human-robot interaction, Brain-computer interface (BCI), Neurophysiology, Near-infrared spectroscopy, Emotion analyses
Life support robot laboratoryTAKAGI, MotokiWelfare engineering, Mechatronics, Robots, Elderly, handicapped
Biofluid Science and Engineering LaboratoryWATANABE, NobuoMedical engineering, Artificial organs, Fluid mechanics
Neuro-Rehabilitation Engineering LaboratoryYAMAMOTO, ShinichiroMedical biotechnology, Handicapped, Barrier-free, Medical care, Motion control, Aging society, Regenerative medicine, Livelihood support, Biological information


Mathematical Sciences

Nonlinear Mathematics LaboratoryENOMOTO, YukoMathematical science, Mathematical analyses, Differential equations
Computational Mathematics LaboratoryFUKUDA, AkikoMathematical sciences, Simulations, Cellular automaton, Integrable, Information searches, Computer simulations, Differential equations, Mathematical biology, Numerical linear algebra
Applied Mathematical Science LaboratoryIDOGAWA, TomoyukiMathematical science, Numerical analyses, Image processing
Applied Mathematics LaboratoryISHIWATA, TetsuyaMathematical science, Differential equations, Numerical analyses
Algebraic Topology LaboratoryKAMEKO, MasakiAlgebra, Topology, Geometry, Space, Mathematical science, Equations, Number theory
Financial Engineering LaboratoryNAKATSU, TomonoriStochastic analysis,  Mathematical finance
Algebraic Representation Theory LaboratoryOYA, HironoriMathematical science, Algebra, Geometry
Numerical Analysis LaboratoryOZAKI, KatsuhisaNumerical analysis, Mathematical science, Super computer, Algorithms, Teaching material development
Group Theory LaboratorySHIMIZU, KenichiMathematical science, Algebra, Geometry
Mathematical Physics LaboratorySUZUKI, TatsuoMathematical science, Physics, Geometry
Functional Equations LaboratoryTAKEUCHI, ShingoDifferential equation theory, Functional analyses, Nonlinear, Functions, Mathematical analyses, Mathematical analyses, Mathematical science, Equations, Theories
Coordinated Control LaboratoryZHAI, GuishengMathematical science, Control systems, Optimization techniques, System engineering