Smart Materials Laboratory

Designing soft robots

Our research is on devices made of soft materials. We plan to design intelligent materials that can respond to outside stimuli such as voltage, temperature, light and certain molecules, as well as research organically constructed robots and drive devices. Our goal is to carry out research that connects systems and materials.
Engineering Science and Mechanics
Faculty Name
MAEDA, Shingo
Academic Society
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Robotics Society of Japan
Soft materials, Soft actuators, Autonomously driven gels, Polymer gels, Chemomechanical, Soft robots

Study Fields

Mechanical engineering, Applied physics, Materials science and engineering

For Society

The systems we are developing are based on soft materials, and thus are highly compatible with living organisms, in contrast to hard materials. Our research could help to develop devices that operate inside the body.

Research Themes