Energy and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Aiming to bring energy conversion and environmental protection technologies to a new level

Our laboratory is working on the topic of energy conversion related to the advanced use of thermal energy. Our research is on new tiny thermoelectric power generation elements that can efficiently generate electricity from waste heat, reactive solar heat absorbers, chemical heat pumps capable of storing and transporting fluctuating solar heat output at fixed temperatures, and flexible radiators for satellites.
Engineering Science and Mechanics
Faculty Name
TANAKA, Kotaro
Academic Society
Japan Solar Energy Society
The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
Next-generation energy, Energy conversion, New energy

Study Fields

Energy engineering, Mechanical engineering

For Society

Increasing the reliability of renewable energy is essential for ensuring the future sustainability of society. As society becomes more convenient, a variety of solar-powered and energy-saving technologies are expected to become available, from large-scale projects to objects used in daily life.

Research Themes