Engineering Science and Mechanics

Manufactural Processing LaboratoryAOKI, KoshiroProcessing, Bonding technologies, Machine tools, Metal molds, CAD, Alloys, New materials, Manufacturing systems, Mechanics
Materialstrength LaboratoryHASHIMURA, Shinjiatigue strength evaluation, Fastening and bonding technologies, Machine components, Bolted joints, Automobiles, Railways, Machinery tools, Multi-material
Human Machine System LaboratoryHIROSE, ToshiyaMan-machine interface, Traffic safety, Automobiles, Peace of mind, safety, Simulations, Vehicle-to-vehicle communication, Human engineering, Virtual reality, Human factors
Mechanical Dynamic LaboratoryHOSOYA, NaokiLaser, Measurement technology, Laser-induced plasmas, Motion control, Acoustics, Polymers, Vibration-generated power, Control system, Ultrasonic waves
Applied Ethics LaboratoryKOIDE, YasushiScience and technology ethics, Life science ethics, Philosophy, Ethics
Smart Materials LaboratoryMAEDA, ShingoSoft materials, Soft actuators, Autonomously driven gels, Polymer gels, Chemomechanical, Soft robots
Intelligent Mechanical Systems LaboratoryMATSUHIRA, NobutoRobots, Networks, Aging society, Motion control, Remote control, Mobile robots, Service robots, Robot platforms, Human interface
Micro Robotics LaboratoryNAGASAWA, SumitoMicromachines, Mechatronics, Robots
Intelligence Information Processing LaboratoryNAKAMURA, ShingoArtificial intelligence, Robots, Image processing
Nano-Micro Advanced Science & Technology LaboratoryONO, NaokiMicromachines, Fluid dynamics, Nanotechnology
Combustion Engineering LaboratorySAITO, HiroyasuCombustion, Explosion safety, Atomization, Laser-induced plasmas, Treatment of exhaust 
Materials Science and Engineering LaboratoryTAKASAKI, Akiko
Hydrogen, Material Science, Recycling-based society, Quasi crystal, New materials
Energyand Environmental Engineering LaboratoryTANAKA, KotaroNext-generation energy, Energy conversion, New energy
Computational Material Science LaboratoryTOMITA, YusukeSupercomputers, Algorithms, Simulations, Magnetic substances, Mathematical science, Dielectric elements
Biomechanics LaboratoryYAMAMOTO, SotaPeace of mind, safety, Medical engineering, Simulations, Medicine, Blood vessels, Traffic safety, Aging society, Elderly and disabled, Automobiles
Speech Communication LaboratoryYAMASHITA, YukoVoice, Language acquisition, English analyses