Laboratory of The oretical Quantum Physics

Exploring the frontiers of quantum physics

It is necessary to design nanoscale structures (atom and molecule levels) while making quantum or next-generation nano devices. To realize the desired properties, it is essential to build up theories based on quantum mechanics. Based on such theories, our laboratory is establishing guidelines to control existing properties and predict the emergence of new properties and phenomena. We are constantly conducting mutually beneficial joint researches with other entities engaged in experiments.
Materials Science and Engineering
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Academic Society
The Physical Society of Japan
The Optical Society
Nanotechnologies, Next-generation semiconductors, Quantum physics, Optoelectronics, Physics, Theories

Study Fields

Applied physics
Quantum optics
Quantum physics
Materials science and engineering

For Society

Quantum technologies are penetrating society as evidenced by the development of the linear motor car that uses superconductivity, quantum cryptography that can never be wiretapped and the super precise optical lattice clock. We aim to contribute to society by accelerating this trend.

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