Wireless Ubiquitous Laboratory

Wireless, ubiquitous technologies to connect people with other people, things and the environment

Wireless technologies are an important tool to connect people with other people and computers, as exemplified by mobile phones and wireless LAN (local area network), in addition to things, the environment and everything else as desired. We are conducting research on conveying information using such technologies, which are called wireless ubiquitous technologies. Moreover, we will work to realize superb wireless functions for a ubiquitous age.
Affiliation Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name KUBOTA, Shuji
Academic Society The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Keyword Wireless, Ubiquitous, Mobile, IoT (internet of things),Vehicle-to-vehicle communications,

Study Fields

Communication engineering
Electronic engineering

For Society

We will deal with new wireless transmission methods for mobile phones and wireless LAN. We also aim to develop a ubiquitous network, which is often referred to as the internet of things and which gathers information from the environment.

Research Themes