Wireless Communication Laboratory

Let’s develop an antenna that nobody else can make

Antennas are essential for mobile phones and wireless local area network (LAN) devices that can be found all around us. Let’s develop unique functions that are not possible for others to make by designing and producing antennas. Let’s verify these unique functions with measurement instruments. The use of antennas has expanded beyond the world you live in, such as car navigation systems that use satellites and communications that explore the mysteries of the faraway universe. Shouldn’t you be a part of developing such technologies with antennas you invented?
Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name
HIROSE, Kazuhide
Academic Society
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Radio waves, Wireless, Computer simulations, Numerical analyses

Study Fields

Communication engineering
Electronic engineering
Electrical engineering

For Society

Mobile phones have built-in antennas, while a dish antenna is necessary to view satellite broadcasting. Antennas are essential for transmitting information when one uses an electronic toll collection (ETC) system or Suica prepaid IC cards.

Research Themes