Diversity Communication Research Laboratory

Studying linguistic communications from various engineering perspectives

Various modes of communication are used in our globalized world. Our laboratory researches communications from multiple perspectives. In particular, we study the way human languages and communications are structured as well as the way to carry out effective communications and acquire language skills. We use a device called optical topography to conduct experiments on the manner in which the brain functions when engaged in communication or learning languages under various conditions. We also study the application of our research to communications of elder people and the activation of the brain.
College of Engineering
Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty Name
Atsuko Yamazaki
Academic Society
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
The Japan Association of College English Teachers
Affective engineering,Human engineering,Language skill acquisition,Brain science,Aging society,English education,Brain function measurement,Farming assistance systems

Study Fields

Communication studies
Affective engineering
Information engineering
Human engineering

For Society

The results of our research on communications and language learning have proven to be useful in developing language teaching materials. Our graduates who conducted graduation research on data analyses are now engaged in designing systems at information technology-related companies.

Research Themes