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 Creating a comfortable society through a better light environment

In designing lighting equipment, our focus is shifting from merely achieving a certain level of brightness to providing high-quality lighting that brings comfort to the people. For instance, visual signals and signs are required to effectively function even under low visibility, such as during fog and when traveling at high speed. Moreover, it is required to fit to the surrounding lighting environment. Therefore, our laboratory is conducting research on the visual characteristics of the people.
Affiliation Electrical Engineering
Faculty Name IRIKURA, Takashi
Academic Society The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
Vision Society of Japan
Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering
Keyword Comfort, Affective engineering, Lighting design

Study Fields

For Society

The basic materials gleaned from identifying the characteristics of the suitable and comfortable lighting environment, as well as of lighting equipment, will be used in designing white LED and lighting that is used inside vehicles, among others. 

Research Themes