Human Factor Laboratory

Designing human-centric systems to support safe transportation networks

The study of human factors involves the identification of certain factors in human nature to ensure a system functioning safely and effectively and the use of the research findings in designing systems. Our laboratory focuses on studying the design of human machine interface (HMI), or systems to facilitate communication between humans and systems. Moreover, we are eyeing research related to electric vehicles.
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Affiliation Electrical Engineering
Faculty Name KASUGA, Nobuyo
Academic Society The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences
Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine
Keyword Human factors, Autonomous driving, Electric vehicles, Driver assistance systems, Human interface, Human-centric designs, Driving simulators

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For Society  

We take up social problems and those problems attracting public attention as research themes and produce results that will immediately help society. 

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