Electrical Engineering

Motor Drive System Laboratory
AISO, Kohei
Motor, Generator, Power electronics, motor drive
Space Robot System Laboratory
ABIKO, Satoko
Space robotics, Flying robots , Encounter-type haptic devices, Space, Motion control, Aerospace engineering, Control systems
Robotics LaboratoryANDO, YoshinobuRobots, Mechatronics, System development, Mobile robots, Sensors, Autonomous moves
Power System LaboratoryFUJITA, GoroNew energies, Smart grids, Power supply, Clean energy, Numerical analyses, Control systems, Solar cells, Power electronics, Wind power generation
Field Robot LaboratoryHASEGAWA, TadahiroRobots, Field robots, Micro mechatronics
Visual InformationIRIKURA, TakashiComfort, Affective engineering, Lighting design
Human Factor LaboratoryKASUGA, NobuyoHuman factors, Autonomous driving, Electric vehicles, Driver assistance systems, Human interface, Human-centric designs, Driving simulators
High Voltage and Power Apparatus LaboratoryMATSUMOTO, SatoshiPower supply, Dielectric, Numerical analyses, Electrochemistry, Clean energy, Measurement technologies, Signal processing, New carbon materials
Energy Materials LaboratoryNISHIKAWA, HiroyukiNanotechnologies, Optoelectronics, Micromachines
Applied Electric Appliance System LaboratorySAITO, MakotoLow energy consumption technologies, Power electronics, Energy conversion
Electromagnetic Actuator LaboratorySHIMOMURA, ShojiEnergy saving, Electric vehicles, Linear motors, Power electronics
Low temperature physics LaboratorySUZUKI, TakaoCondensed matter physics, Magnetic materials, Quantum physics
Power Electronics LaboratoryTAKAMI, HiroshiClean energy, Stirling engine and solar power generations, Motor control, Advanced control, Switching converter, Model-based design development, Power electronics
Intelligent System LaboratoryYASUMURA, YoshiakiArtificial intelligence, Language processing, Machine learning, Internet, Image recognition, Information search, Data analyses, Multimedia
Robot Task&System LaboratoryYOSHIMI, TakashiRobots, Production systems, Disaster responses, Livelihood support, Mechatronics, Remote control