Opto-electronics Laboratory

Fusing optics and electronic engineering in eco-friendly ways

Our laboratory conducts research on three major themes: (a) the production and evaluation of membranes that transmit light (optical waveguide), (b) technologies to separate and recycle glass and metals from spent cathode-ray tubes, liquid crystal panels, fluorescent tubes and other wastes and (c) the building and evaluation of micro, electro, mechanical systems (MEMS) that fuse light, electricity and machines. We study technologies to send signals by using light and fusing light technologies and machines while also paying attention to environmental and energy issues.
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Affiliation Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name HOMMA, Tetsuya
Academic Society The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Resources Processing Society of Japan
Keyword Recycling, Optical electronics, Integrated circuits

Study Fields

For Society

Our research will help resolve the issues of resource scarcity by recycling cathode-ray tubes, liquid crystal and plasma panels and fluorescent tubes in addition to adopting other eco-friendly approaches. Moreover, our research results are expected to help address energy and environmental issues such as the development of energy-saving optical devices.

Research Themes