Bioelectronics Laboratory

Engineering use of life’s excellent functions

Our laboratory studies living organisms from an engineering perspective and develops highly functional materials, devices and systems by using or mimicking the excellent functions that living organisms have. For example, biosensors that can easily measure blood glucose levels or conduct genetic testing are proven to be effective in medical care, and those capable of measuring the levels of environmental pollutants are indispensable to managing the environment.

Affiliation Electronic Engineering
Faculty Name MUGURUMA, Hitoshi
Academic Society The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers/The Japan Society of Applied Physics/The Chemical Society of Japan
Keyword Bionanotechnologies, Biochips, Nanotechnologies, Biosensors, Biotechnologies

Study Fields

For Society

Using a ubiquitous monitoring system for practical health care use, we can manage our own health, which can decrease cases of lifestyle-related diseases. It will benefit not only individuals but also taxpayers who contribute to the government’s medical expenditure.

Research Themes