Interactive Graphics

Generating new contents, experiences, and their applications

Our research in our Interactive Graphics laboratory focuses on computer graphics and image processing as a result of our pursuit to generate new contents and experiences. In particular, we research under the three themes of “Assistance to creative activities,” “Design of new experiences,” and “Digital archives related to medical care, natural sciences and sports.” We are also trying to put the results of the research into practice.
Affiliation Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name IJIRI, Takashi
Academic Society Information Processing Society of Japan
The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan
Keyword Computer graphics, Image processing, Unser interface, Virtual reality

Study Fields

For Society

Our research pertaining to image processing for medical care involves the development of image processing technologies for clinical use in collaboration with researchers from several medical institutions. We also study the archives of flowers and insects, making three-dimensional model groups available for research and educational purposes as part of our efforts to return our research results to society.

Research Themes