Computer Science and Engineering

Distributed Software System LaboratoryFUKUDA, HiroakiSoftware, Networks, Ubiquitous
Information Network LaboratoryHIRAKAWA, YutakaApps, Networks, Network security
Interactive GraphicsIJIRI, TakashiComputer graphics, Image processing, Unser interfaces, Virtual reality
Sports Science LaboratoryISHIZAKI, SatoshiSports science, GPS (Global positioning system), Regional revitalization, Locomotive syndrome, Health promotion
Data Science/Engineering LaboratoryKIMURA, MasaomiDatabases, Data science, Data mining, Safety, peace of mind, Language processing, Data analyses, Artificial intelligence, Medical care
Physically augmented interaction Laboratory MANABE, HiroyukiUser interfaces
Graph theoryMATSUBARA, RyotaGraph theory, Discrete mathematics, Networks
Software Engineering LaboratoryNAKAJIMA, TsuyoshiSoftware, Design, Modeling, Model-based engineering, Definition and analysis of demands, Project management, Tests, Quality management, IoT (internet of things)
Research Lab on Technology and SocietyNAKAMURA, HiroyukiInformation-based society, People-friendly technologies, Elderly/handicapped, Landscape, Visual information processing, Regional revitalization, Virtual reality, Universal designs
Programming Language Research GroupSASANO, IsaoProgramming, Software, Algorithms
Design of Social Information Network Systems
SHINKUMA, Ryouichi
3D image sensing,Network AI,IoT blockchain,Brain information model
Systems Software LaboratorySUGAYA, MidoriRobot platform, IoR (internet of robots), Service robots, IoT (internet of things), Basis system software, Software, Operating systems, Embedded systems, Emotion analyses
Language Processing LaboratorySUGIMOTO, ToruLanguage processing, Artificial intelligence, Software, Machine learning, Information search, Programing, Human interfaces
Computer Architecture LaboratoryUSAMI, KimiyoshiClean energy, Integrated circuits, Low-energy consumption technologies, LSI (Large-scale integrated circuits)
Computer Mediated Communication LaboratoryYONEMURA, ShunichiHuman interfaces, Multimedia, CMC (computer-mediated communication), Acoustic, Handicapped, Human engineering, Universal designs
Quantum Computer Science and Engineering Group
WATABE, Shohei
quantum physics,information science,machine learning,search algorithm,mathematical sience,network,physics,theory
Stochastic Systems and Control Laboratory
Stochastic systems, Control theory, Statistical machine learning, Internet of Things, Cyber-physical systems, Cyber-security of control systems