Inorganic Materials Chemistry Laboratory

The fusion of inorganic and organic materials in the nano world

 Various functional materials are utilized in commonly used electronic equipment and devices. The research and development involved in making thin films of functional materials — which is what our laboratory engages in — is attracting much attention as a promising approach to reduce environmental burdens and the use of energy. For example, the hybrid membranes, which fuse organic and inorganic materials at the nano level, are expected to be applicable to organic electro-luminescence devices and electronic papers.
Affiliation Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name OHISHI, Tomoji
Academic Society The Chemical Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Keyword Nanotechnologies, Membranes, Surface treatments, Optoelectronics, Recycling

Study Fields

Applied chemistry

For Society

We use electrochemical methods and knowledge to a) conduct basic research on electrolysis and applying new electrodes and electrolytes to energy devices and b) develop technologies to recover rare earths.

Research Theme