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Life with vibrant microorganisms – beautiful inside and out

An extremely important issue that needs solving as soon as possible is how to maintain the wide diversity of organisms and living things that support our ecosystems. Our laboratory is researching how to maintain and develop biodiversity (resources) through biotechnology, and how to effectively use these rerources to clean up the global environment, which include our own bodies.
Applied Chemistry
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Academic Society
The Society for Biotechnology
The Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
The Japanese Biochemical Society
Environmental improvement, Biotechnology, Rare metals, Environmental pollution, Environmental purification, Resource supply, Allergies, Immunity, Genetic engineering

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Life science
Applied chemistry


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Making things creates waste. Today, we pay money to dispose of our trash. Pollution and toxins are generated as we throw away more and more garbage. We are trying to develop technology that harnesses the power of living organisms to purify waste and develop technology to recycle any useful substances (rare metals) contained within.


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