Supramolecular Chemistry Laboratory

New technology born from the meeting of light, chemistry and medicine

Our research focuses on the points where light, chemistry and medicine meet. We research the development of diagnostic agents (probes) used to illuminate diseased areas in diagnostic imaging, of drugs (sensitizers) for treatments that use light to kill cancer cells (photodynamic therapy), and of materials for manufacturing organ models used in medical technology training. We collaborate on these and other themes with laboratories specializing in medical engineering and pharmaceutical studies. We also conduct basic research on photochemistry.

Affiliation Applied Chemistry
Faculty Name NAKAMURA, Asao
Academic Society The Chemical Society of Japan
The Japanese Photochemistry Association All rights reserved
Keyword Chemistry, Medical care, Optical medical technologies, Organic sysnthesis

Study Fields


Applied chemistry


For Society

We hope to use medical technology created out of the meeting of light and chemistry to improve the quality of people's lives. We also work with high school teachers and support the high school students who compete for team Japan at the International Chemistry Olympiad to raise the level of chemistry education in Japan at secondary schools and elsewhere.

Research Themes