Product Planning Laboratory

Dream and design products in a fun way

We aim to produce user-friendly, convenient, and beautiful products for target users by incorporating daily-life thoughts: “I wish there were something like this.” To that end, we are researching product designs that will make users, makers, as well as sellers so happy that they would use “It’s cool” or “It’s cute” to describe them. Our aim is to do so by studying ways to fuse the latest technologies into the manufacturing process, while taking into consideration the viewpoints of logistics and sales.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course)
Faculty Name KUME, Toshiaki
Keyword IoT(InternetofThings), Safety, peace of mind, Interface designs, Ecology, Tourism, Communication designs, Service designs, Product designs, Universal designs

Study Fields

For Society

Once you work as designer, your perception will be change from what it was at university. In the real world, designers are required to be strong-willed. Our laboratory aims to impart to students the instructors’ real-life experience of working as a designer.

Research Themes