Product Planning Laboratory

Generating ideas for designs based on experiences and services

Products offer convenience to the people who use them. But, there are some devices and systems that provide services to users that offer new values or experiences. How can we design services, systems, and products that are capable of offering new experiences and values to users? We research ways to plan the best products whose state changes with the passage of time.
College of Engineering Engineering and Design (Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course)
Faculty Name Shigeru Furuya
Academic Society Japanese Society for the Science of Design
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Keyword Service designs, Affective value generation, Product design, Consumer behavior, Affective engineering, Product development, Data analyses, Statistics, Data mining

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In the 21st century, products are expected to have a kind of value that did not exist in the past. To generate such a value, we must think of ways to develop products based on designs that fuse engineering concepts.

Research Themes