User Experience Design Laboratory

Create and design products and services that provide positive experiences! 

Today, undertakings that emphasize not merely an abundance of excellent technologies and functions, but also the “experiences” that users obtain through products and services, are of increasing importance. These experiences include ease of use, feelings of comfort and satisfaction, and positive impressions that remain after use. We research service design, user interface design and other areas to provide users with better experiences, with a focus on user- and human-centered design (UCD, HCD) and human engineering methods.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Robotics and Information Design Course)
Faculty Name YOSHITAKE, Ryoji
Academic Society Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Human Interface Society
Human Centered Design Organization
Keyword Human engineering, Human interactions, User-centered design, Comfortableness, Affective engineering, Visual information processing, Consumer behaviors, Interface designs, Human-centered designs

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By leveraging UCD and human engineering knowledge and methods, our work contributes to the planning and design of products, systems and services that are easy to use and fascinatingly receptive. 

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