Near Net Shape Manufacuturing(anzai)Laboratory

Shaping things using computer-controlled processing machines

Many industrial products are mass-produced cheaply yet precisely with the use of molds. Needless to say, how a product should be processed and shaped is an important factor in creating a mold. Our laboratory is studying how products should be processed to attain desired shapes, and our research topics include how to shave metals at a high speed, how to make tiny engravings, how to make shiny surfaces and how to make models using laser exactly in line with what is designed on the computer.
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course)
Faculty Name ANZAI, Masahiro
Academic Society The Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology
The Japan Society for Precision Engineering
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 
Keyword Molds, Machine tools, Productivity, Nanotechnology, Surface treatment

Study Fields

For Society

The technologies and methods we develop may be used in various manufacturing fields. So far, our machines for producing auto parts and artificial bones and for finishing up the processing of home appliances have been developed for commercial use. The data we have gathered has proven useful.