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Designing computers that enrich our lives

We have witnessed the arrival of internet of things (IoT), wherein tiny computers embedded in electronic tags and sensors connect to computer networks. Big data collected through IoT is accumulated in computing cloud systems, each consisting of millions of computers. Then, the data are analyzed by AI algorithms to produce new types of services. Computers will continue to drastically change our lifestyles. Why don’t you design systems of the future yourself?
Affiliation Engineering and Design (Robotics and Information Design Course)
Faculty Name YAMAZAKI, Kenichi
Academic Society The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Information Processing Society of Japan
The Computer Software Association of Japan(ACM)
Keyword Internet, Software, Embedded systems, Mobile, Ubiquitous, AI

Study Fields

For Society

We are researching on technologies to operate computer systems accurately and according to circumstances. They are used for the software of small computers in mobile phones, PCs, and internet servers.

Research Themes