Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course

Near Net Shape Manufacuturing (anzai)Laboratory
ANZAI, MasahiroMolds, Machine tools, Productivity, Nanotechnology, Surface treatment
Design Promotion LaboratoryASHIZAWA, YusukeProject design, Business schemes, Human-centric designs, Service design, System development, Affective value creation, Regional industries, Teaching material development, Business formation
Emotional Design LaboratoryHASHIDA, NorikoAffective engineering, Molding, Product designs, Universal designs
Product Planning LaboratoryKUME, ToshiakiIoT (Internet of Things), Safety, peace of mind, Interface designs, Ecology, Tourism, Communication designs, Service designs, Product designs, Universal designs
Design History and Culture LaboratoryMASUNARI, KazutoshiProduct design, Product development, Ways of generating ideas, Interface design, Affective value creation, Service design, Information-intensive society, Molding, Man-machine interface
Die and Mold Design engineering LaboratorySAWA, TakekazuMolds, Processing, Production systems
Functional Capabilities and Design LaboratoryYOSHIHARA, ShoichiroMicro-processing, Surface treatment, Biological materials, Plastic working, Coating, Biomaterials

Engineering and Design Robotics and Information Design Course

Color and Communication Design LaboratoryHIDAKA, KyokoColor theory, Communication design, Standardization, Lighting design, Information-intensive society, Multicultural coexistence, History of design, Cultural anthropology
Software Design LaboratoryNODA, NatsukoSoftware, Modeling, Embedded systems
Robotics System Design LaboratorySASAKI, TakeshiHuman interaction, Human interface, Interface design, Ubiquitous, Robots
Motion Control LaboratorySHIMADA, AkiraRobots, Mechatronics, Motion control, Control systems, Modeling, Model-based design development, Flying robots, Biomechanics
Human Support Intelligent Robotics LaboratorySHIMIZU, SotaRobots, AI, Visual information processing, Sensors, Mobile robots, Livelihood assistance, Low birthrates, Aging society, Image processing
Computing Design LaboratoryYAMAZAKI, KenichiInternet, Software, Embedded systems, Mobile, Ubiquitous, AI
KANSEI INTERACTION DESIGNYANG, WonseokInterface design, Affective engineering, Human interaction, User interface, Human-centric design, Multimedia, Product design, Affective value creation, IoT (Internet of Things)
User Experience Design LaboratoryYOSHITAKE, RyojiHuman engineering, Human interactions, User-centered design, Comfortableness, Affective engineering, Visual information processing, Consumer behaviors, Interface designs, Human-centered designs