What are architectural designs?

Our laboratory places importance on “three dialogues” when thinking about architectural design: dialogues with other people; dialogues with the environment and dialogues with oneself. To have students acquire the skills to hold the three kinds of dialogues, the Architectural Design Laboratory relies on fieldwork, such as visiting architectural buildings and surveying streetscapes in addition to attending classes at university. The first step toward designing good architecture is to have good experience.
Affiliation Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name TANIGUCHI, Taizo
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan
The Japan Institute of Architects
Keyword Architectural designs, Living environments, Interior, Comfortableness, Space, Producing of space, Molding, Regional revitalization

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For Society

Architectural designs are closely connected to our livelihood. Through research on architectural designs, our laboratory proposes the architectural designs for our living environment of the future and for fostering human resources capable of contributing to society by using what they learned upon entering adult society.

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