Architectural Design Laboratory

Relationship between architecture and society

The creation of new values is needed at a time when Japanese society is increasingly graying and the economic growth it achieves is only superficial, designed to break the impasse in society. Giving a new breath to architectural buildings that were deemed unnecessary, in addition to creating new architectures, will help create new values and provide reasons for their existence. Our laboratory is conducting research on “designing friendly architectures,” which will provide safe and comfortable living space and generate energy of their own. Students will visit existing architectural buildings, see them for themselves and draw what they see. In this way, they will learn the techniques of translating their imagination into a reality that closely resembles their imagination.

College of Engineering Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name Shinobu Akahori
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan
The Japan Institute of Architects
Keyword Architectural designs, Urban designs, Zero energy, Comfortableness, Space, Landscapes, Architectural designs, Housing complexes, Designs

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For Society

Advanced urban and architectural designs that are environment-friendly will give new insights into urban development. Our graduates’ performance in various fields, particularly in architectural design, has been outstanding.

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