Building System Design Laboratory

Researching cities and architectures in a sustainable society

The building of architectural structure has come to a major crossroads. Our laboratory studies the forms that architecture and cities should take in a sustainable society. Modern architectures are required to deal with global environmental issues and work on resource recycling and energy conservation. How can we build architectures that factor in Japan’s future situations, such as low birthrates and a declining and aging population while responding to the needs of regional communities? We are not only researching pertinent concepts but also developing technologies for the existing architectural buildings.
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
MINAMI, Kazunobu
Academic Society
Science Council of Japan
Architectural Institute of Japan
Association of Urban Housing Sciences
Architectural planning, Architectural designs, Housing complexes, Low-carbon society, Sustainable, Durability, Resident participation, Urban regeneration, Regional reinvigoration

Study Fields

For Society

We will conduct research and development on proposing new ways to use the existing buildings, rejuvenating housing complexes where elder people have lived for long years so that they can lead lively and enjoyable life and relating architectural renovation to reinvigoration of community.

Research Themes