Ground/building vibration Engineering Laboratory

Researching earthquake-resistant buildings

Our laboratory is trying to elucidate the mechanism of jolting buildings at a time of an earthquake and researching how to construct buildings that have strong resistance to earthquakes. Specifically, our research covers mainly the foundation structure of buildings as well as structures to realize seismic isolation and tremor control, with the aim of improving earthquake-resistance performances. As the basis of the research, we are studying the properties of seismic waves.
College of Engineering
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
Katsuichiro Hijikata
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
The Seismological Society of Japan
Earthquake-resistant structures, Earthquakes, Foundation structure, Ground, Seismic isolation, Tremor control

Study Fields

For Society

Our laboratory is researching earthquake-resistant buildings. Our research results are expected to produce new methods to design and evaluate earthquake-resistant buildings. It is expected that our new methods will be used widely in designing new buildings and evaluating the existing buildings.

Research Themes