Architectural Design Laboratory

Designing is reflecting on oneself

We find problems in various contexts, such as historical, societal and locational and find unique answers to those problems, which will be fed back into architectural designs. Moreover, under the theme of “things Japanese-style,” we have seminars to analyze architectures from the ancient to the modern times from multiple perspectives and to deepen students’ understanding of them.
College of Engineering Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name Hidetsugu Horikoshi
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan
The Japan Institute of Architects
Society of Architectural Historians of Japan
Society of Architectural Historians/Society for the Study of Japonisme
Keyword Architectural designing, Architectural designs, Space, Interior, Environment, Landscape, Urban designs, Climate, Sustainable

Study Fields

For Society

In architecture, it is important to learn not only pertinent technologies but also philosophy behind them. Our graduates have a sound knowledge of philosophy of architectural designing. This is an attribute that society demands from the architects while they engage in architectural designing on their jobs, whether in a small studio or in a huge organization.

Research Themes