Architectural History Laboratory

Learning about and using our predecessors’ wisdoms engraved in architectural structures

We continuously strive to learn about the wisdom of our predecessors – irrespective of whether they are famous or not – which are engraved in old architectural structures, in order to think of ways to preserve, repair and utilize the same. We also explore ways to use their wisdom in designing new architectures. To do so, it is important to actually see new and old buildings and experience the “space” in person. Moreover, we try to assimilate our predecessors’ wisdom hidden in excellent traditional technologies of the past by visiting the sites of buildings being repaired, which have been designated as cultural assets. We believe visiting such sites is the only way to learn the said wisdom.
College of Engineering
Architecture (AP,SA,UA)
Faculty Name
Akira Fujisawa
Academic Society
Architectural Institute of Japan
Society of Architectural Historians of Japan
Architectural history, Historic architectural structures, Wooden architectures, Landscape, Cityscape, Climate, Cultural anthropology

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For Society

Knowledge regarding old architectures can serve as a source of various architectural ideas, instead of being something we can use for applications immediately. An increasing number of people have started to think that the use of old buildings in town development would provide a pleasant feel to streetscapes.

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