Steel Structures Laboratory
ASADA, Hyato
Steel Structures、Seismic resistant structures、Earthquake Engineering、Welded Structures、 Structures with Passive Energy Dissipating Systems、Seismic Isolation
Laboratory of Architectural Environmental Design and Building FacilitiesAKIMOTO, TakashiComfortability, Environment, Sustainable, Dwelling environment, Energy saving, Zero emissions
Architecture and Dwelling Environment Design LaboratoryGODA, Osami
Design, Dwelling environments, Architectural designs
Architectural History and Conservation of Cultural Property
Architectural history,Conservation of cultural properties,Architectural history specializing in Buddhist structures ,Garden history,Analyze that historical materials
Building Materials and Construction LaboratoryHAMASAKI, HitoshiConcrete, Durability, Historical architectures, Construction methods
Architecture and Environmental Design LaboratoryHARADA, MasahiroArchitectural designs, Urban designs, Climate, Dwelling environment, Housing complexes, Designs, Molding, Urban planning, Cityscapes
Architectural design laboratory
Architectural design,Architectural planning,share,Community development,connection design
Structural and Earthquake Engineering LaboratoryKABAYAMA, KenjiSafety, peace of mind, Architectural structures, Earthquake-resistant structures, Structural mechanics, Concrete, Earthquakes, Recycling-based society, Super high-rise buildings, Disaster mitigation
CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT and BUILDING PRODUCTION LaboratoryKANISAWA, HirotakeBuilding methods, Wooden architectures, Production systems, Development of educational programs, Interiors, Development of teaching materials
Structural Engineering LaboratoryKISHIDA, ShinjiArchitectural structures, Earthquake-resistant structure, Reinforced concrete structures, Safety, peace of mind, Structural mechanics, Prestressed concrete structures, Disaster preparedness, Disaster mitigation, Durability
Building materials and components LaboratoryKOGA, JunkoArchitectural materials, Architectural finish materials, Performance evaluations
Architectural Planning and Design Laboratory
Facility Planning,Post Ocupancy Evaluation,Declining Birthrate and Aging Population,Healthcare Architecture,Universal Design
earthquake Engineering LaboratoryKUMAZAWA, FumitoshiSafety, peace of mind, Earthquake-resistant structures, Architectural structures, Earthquakes, Disaster mitigation, Super high-rise buildings, Seismic isolation, Computer simulations, Structural mechanics
Laboratory for Urban and Regional SustainabilityKURISHIMA, HideakiSustainable, Urban planning, Regional communities, Recycling-based society, Environmental burdens, Environmental analyses, Town development, Clean energy, Consumer behaviors
Topology and Geometry LaboratoryKUROKAWA, YasuhiroTopology, Geometry, Singularity theory, Differential geometry, Architectural geometry
Urban Planning LaboratoryKUWATA, HitoshiUrban planning, Land use, Town development, Dwelling environment, Regional communities, Cityscapes
Urban Design LaboratoryMAEDA, HidetoshiArchitectural designs, Urban planning, Landscape, Environment, Space, Architectural planning, Regional revitalization, Urban regeneration, Urban designs
Architecture and Urban Eenvironmental System LaboratoryMURAKAMI, KimiyaSustainable, Energy saving, Urban planning, Regional planning, Urban environment
Architectural Environmental LaboratoryNISHIMURA, NaoyaIndoor air quality, Air purification, Ventilation, Environmental pollutions, Environmental improvements, Environmental analyses, Measurement technology, Dwelling environments, Numerical analyses
Taira NISHIZAWA LaboratoryNISHIZAWA, TairaUrban planning, Architectural designs, Theories
Architectural History LabOKAZAKI, RumiArchitectural history, Architectural designs
Structural Design LaboratoryOZAWA, YukiArchitectural structures, Wooden architectures, Historical architectures
Analysis laboratorySASAKI, ShinjiDifferential equations, Asymptotic analysis, WKB analysis, Borel summation method, Stokes curves
Regional and Social Environmental Design LaboratorySATO, HirosukeUrban planning, Community planning, Town development, Urban regeneration, Regional reinvigoration, Resident participation, Disaster preparedness in cities, Regional community, Town development regarding landscape as assets
Laboratory of Project Management for ConstructionSHIDE, KazuyaArchitectural project management, Facility management, Building Information Modeling, Digital twin, Data science
Housing & Environmental Design Studio / LaboratorySHIMIZU, IkuroEcology, Space, Dwelling environments, Comfortableness, Landscape, Architectural planning, Understanding of different cultures, Climate
Regional Design LaboratorySHIMURA, HideakiTown development, Urban designs, Regional communities, Cityscapes, Regional revitalization, Regional planning, Urban planning, Urban regeneration, Architectural designs, Town development using landscapes as assets 
Design science in Architecture and urban studiesSHINOZAKI, MichihikoSpace, Design science, Virtual reality, Urban regeneration, Cityscapes, Computer simulations
TANIGUCHI, TaizoArchitectural designs, Living environments, Interior, Comfortableness, Space, Producing of space, Molding, Regional revitalization
Applied Linguistics 
TSUNE, Yasumasa

Project Design LaboratoryYAMASHIRO, Michiko OKANO, Keita AOSHIMA, Satoru
Project designs, Architectural designs, Building designs, Environment improvements, Reconstruction of disaster-hit areas, International contribution, Regional communities, Urban regeneration, Urban designs