SIT signs comprehensive tie-up agreement with Chiba University Cooperation planned for various fields, including joint implementation of global programs

SIT President Masato Murakami, left, and Chiba University President Takeshi Tokuhisa hold the signed comprehensive tie-up agreement.

Shibaura Institute of Technology and Chiba University have signed a comprehensive tie-up agreement aimed at strengthening their cooperation in educational, academic research and social contribution activities. The signing ceremony was held at Chiba University in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, on June 10.

Under the accord, SIT and Chiba University, which both have been selected for the government’s Top Global University Project, will jointly hold international and other programs. Combining each university’s respective strengths is expected to more efficiently and effectively nurture human resources with a global mind-set.

Two ‘Top Global’ schools aim to have all students study abroad and expand international programs to help students develop global perspectives

In 2014, SIT and Chiba University were selected as Top Global University Project’s Type B universities, which are leading the globalization of Japanese society. They both actively develop human resources who have a global mind-set and make university-wide efforts to have all their students study abroad for a certain length of time.

Previously, the universities separately held international programs even with the same universities abroad. Jointly holding such programs is expected to produce synergistic effects.

Chiba University, a national university corporation, offers a broad range of courses in humanities and sciences as well as study-overseas programs in liberal arts education. SIT is a science and engineering college that offers project-based learning programs in engineering fields. By making the unique programs of both schools available to each other’s students, the schools will offer a more diverse study-abroad experience to students, a move expected to accelerate their efforts to develop human resources with a global mind-set.

The two schools have started considering programs they can offer each other and aim to allow SIT students to participate in Chiba University’s programs, and vice versa, from the latter half of the 2019 academic year.

Key points of tie-up

– Exchanges between teachers and students
– Academic exchanges in education and research
– Social contribution activities
– Joint development and implementation of international exchange programs as well as the use of each other’s program
– Mutual use of facilities, equipment and academic research documents



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