【Awardee】Ms. Nuttakarn Kitpo( Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences, Division of Systems Engineering and Science/Year: Master second year)
【Faculty supervisor】Professor Masahiro Inoue, Dep. of Electronic Information Systems, College of Systems Engineering Science.
【Conference or Award Ceremony name】IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electrics (ICCE)
【Award】ICCE 2019 Best Poster Video Award
【Research theme or presentation title】
Internet of Things for Greenhouse Monitoring System Using Deep Learning and Bot Notification Services

This research aims to provide a smart farming solution regarding an agricultural problem of an unknown harvesting time of tomato fruits inside the tomato greenhouse. It is expected to support farmer with an automatic data analysis of tomato growth stages and send the information using bot notification services to the farmer.

The research utilized the deep learning technique to detect the tomato fruit on the image and machine learning technique to analyze the growth stages of tomatoes to the farmer. The farmers will be able to know whether the tomato is green, orange, red or so on.

I expect that this research will strongly benefit to the agriculture society such as tomato greenhouse farming and other kinds of farming like orange, strawberry, etc. This research together with the advancement of Internet of Things and data analysis technologies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) will support farmers in developing more smart farming system and application in order to monitor the plants and do farming with less human interaction, and automatic and real time manners.


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