【Awardee】Maher Saleh Aljehani(Functional control system/3rd Year in Dr.)
【Faculty supervisor】Professor Masahiro Inoue, Dep. of Electronic Information Systems, College of Systems Engineering Science.
【Conference or Award Ceremony name】IEEE Access Journal “article of the week”, IEEE ambassador Competition
【Award】Selected to be IEEE ambassador and selected my work to be article of the week in IEEE websites, Twitter and Facebook.
【Research theme or presentation title】
Performance Evaluation of Multi-UAV System in Post-Disaster Application: Validated by HITL Simulator

Implementation of Multi-UAVs scanning to assist rescue teams in rescue and response missions after a disaster. UAV has a camera onboard to provide aerial imagery data. In my research, UAV is utilized to scan the disaster areas and help to provide safe routes and area status autonomously in real-time.

I developed a Hardware-in-The-Loop (HITL) simulator to verify the UAV performance in scanning missions inside the flight controller for post-disaster scenario resulting in a publication in a scientific journal with an impact factor of 4.089. Then, I have been nominated and selected to be IEEE student ambassador in Tokyo branch for IEEE Xtreme 13.0 in this year. My article also has been chosen to be “article of the week” and recommended by UAV specialist in ResearchGate website.

Selecting the proper UAV for scanning mission was always an obstacle in many scanning applications. By implementing my simulator, the users can easily decide which UAV framework should be use in their applications. The simulator gives estimations of multi-UAV flight performance in scanning mission. Also, it can execute multiple missions at the same.


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