Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) offers research internship opportunities every summer to all high school seniors and juniors who are interested in pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields in higher education as Research Interns on campus.

61 students from the following 25 schools from all over the world had participated in International High School Internship Program (IHIP) at Toyosu and Omiya campuses as interns for two weeks from July 1-July 13, 2019. 9 schools from Japan and 16 schools from abroad.


National Schools:
i) Indian International School in Japan
ii) St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo
iii) Global Indian International School
iv) K-International School
v) The American School in Japan
vi) Canadian Academy
vii) St. Maur International School
viii) Marist Brothers International School
ix) International school of the Sacred Heart

International Schools:
i) Norwell High School; USA
ii) Nazarbayev Intellectual School; Kazakhstan
iii) Alma Mater International School; South Africa
iv) Henry M Gunn High School; USA
v) Lexington High School; USA
vi) Divisional Public School & College Lahore; Pakistan
vii) Fort Bend Independent School; USA
viii) Tampa Bay Technical High School; USA
ix) Monta Vista High School; USA
x) Oxbridge Academy; UK
xi) Bangladesh International School; Bangladesh
xii) Central High School Philadelphia; USA
xiii) Philippine Science High School; Philippines
xiv) Korean Minjok Leadership Academy; South Korea
xv) Phillips Exter Academy; USA
xvi) Monarch Park Collegiate; Canada

SIT’s main goal is to inspire students to not only embrace science and engineering as a career choice, but also to encourage them to step further to scientific studies and build up a complex scientific mindset. This offer delivers a good opportunity to get in touch with different cultures, to meet and work with students from various international schools.

The program was held in the following areas:
-Materials Science
-Applied Chemistry
-Life Sciences
-Bio science and Engineering
-Global science and Engineering
-Electrical/ Electronic Engineering
-Machinery and Control systems
-Information and Electronics
-Mathematical Sciences
-Design/ Architectural Engineering

The students had spent 30 hours per week on the chosen program, under the guidance of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. The most essential event throughout this internship program was final presentations given by interns. The overall presentation and research reports written by interns have evidently shown a direct impression concerning the value of internship program.

Special Guest Talks: Esteemed officials from embassies were invited to deliver some pep talks, such as
• H.E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava; Deputy Chief of Mission; Indian Embassy in Tokyo
• Mr. Garvey McIntosh; NASA Asia Representative; US Embassy in Tokyo
• Mr. Daisuke Tanaka; Embassy of South Africa in Japan

In essence, Prof. Dr. Muralidhar Miryala (Deputy President and IHIP Director) strongly believes that this internship program is a significant motivation for international students to enhance their intellectual capacities within cutting edge of research. For any further queries regarding the program, please contact at

SIT introduction by President M. Murakami
Opening speech by Deputy President M. Miryala
Guest Lecture by H.E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava; Deputy Chief of Mission; Indian Embassy in Tokyo
Guest lecture by Mr. Garvey McIntosh; NASA Asia Representative; US Embassy in Tokyo
Guest lecture by Mr. Daisuke Tanaka; Embassy of South Africa in Japan

Here are some comments from students who attended IHIP 2019:

Harleen Kaur: I had been an intern at Shibaura Institute of Technology in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. My experience at SIT was amazing, it was one of the wonderful journeys I had in my life. I absolutely loved my internship as I met so many amazing people from abroad and learned so much! This internship just exceeded my expectations. I was treated at as an active member from the first day itself and made me participate actively in every way. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge and beautiful memories. It was the best decision I have made so far. I would like to advice everyone to take this beautiful opportunity and participate.

Muskan: I had a wonderful time as an intern in Shibaura Institute of Technology. I got to learn so much in just a span of two weeks. The people there were very kind and always made sure I did not feel left out. I also learned a lot about life as a university student. The food there is also amazing. I would like to thank Prof. Muralidhar for giving us this wonderful opportunity, to gain hands-on experience.

Jasang Yoo: The IHIP program is an excellent program for aspiring engineers wanting to spend their summer productively. We had the opportunity to join college students in their research and actively participate in lab activity, giving us an idea on what studying and researching engineering is like. As for me, I spent the two weeks learning about aerospace engineering, specifically in drones. I was able to become much better at coding and I had many great inspirations for my future. Overall, the IHIP program at SIT helped me a great deal as a globally minded engineer.

Hyunmin Ko: Ever wonder how you can make the most out of your summer? Well, I have the answer for you: Take the Shibaura Internship Program. It is filled with exciting challenges and tasks that enthralls you. The fact that they will demonstrate what they have taught using tools that is used in reality, makes it even more exciting. I first came to the internship program knowing nothing about electrical engineering. However, after 2 weeks, I realized how exciting electrical engineering can be. It is a great place to make new friends, interact with one of the funniest tutors, and most importantly, you will have a great time.

Chinmay: There is only one word to describe this program: Incredible. Everything was just perfectly organized in this program, all thanks to the immense efforts that were taken by all of those who played a role in this program, including my very own tutors. They used a lot of their precious time just for us, and helped us on our projects. I indeed learnt a lot in this internship program, which of course would have never been possible without Dr. Muralidhar and Dr. Murakami. Thank you once again for all your efforts.


Students’ final presentations
Discussion among students after every presentation
Students working in their respective laboratories
Welcome party
Students expressing their experience at SIT
Award ceremony for both students and tutors


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