Event titled “Peace2 (Double peace)” entertains and delights visitors

The 23rd Omiya Festival held at Shibaura Institute of Technology’s Omiya Campus on May 19, 2019, attracted a record-high 3,837 visitors who flocked to watch dance and live music performances and sample food sold at stalls.

Omiya Festival is a school festival designed to encourage “interactions with people in the community.” Many local families attended this year’s festival to enjoy fun activities together with SIT students. This year’s theme was “Peace2 (Double peace)” – if you make the peace sign with both hands and then put your index fingers together, it forms the shape of a “W,” the 23rd letter of the alphabet.

Festival organizers chose this theme to reflect their desire to make students and visitors smile. Fine weather on the day ensured many attendees had wide smiles on their faces, fulfilling the organizers’ wishes.

Visitors watched dancing, juggling, live music and other performances held at a stage set up in a courtyard. As the temperature rose, cold drinks and foods sold quickly at a special section where 19 groups set up stalls. Local elementary and junior high school students also ate lunch with their families in the courtyard.



Planning and Public Relations Section

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