【Awardee】Chanh Minh Tran & Tho Nguyen Duc(Graduate School of Engineering and Science/1st Year)
【Faculty supervisor】Prof. Eiji Kamioka
【Conference or Award Ceremony name (in full)】The 3rd International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering (ICiCSE2019)
【Award】Best Paper award
【Research theme or presentation title】
QABR: A QoE-Based Approach to Adaptive Bitrate Selection in Video Streaming Services

This research is to provide an algorithm for internet videos services that maintains a high user’s quality of experience (QoE), which can be described as the user’s satisfaction towards the service, by dynamically adjusting the video visual quality to match with the changes of network condition.

In this paper, QABR – a novel QoE-based bitrate selection algorithm – is proposed that combines the underlying network parameters and user’s instantaneous QoE to select the most suitable video quality version (in terms of bitrate). The algorithm also considers a multi-user scenario where multiple clients compete for a limited bandwidth.

We expect that this research can help streaming providers maintain high user’s satisfaction towards their services, especially in this era when demands on internet videos increase exponentially.


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