【Awardee】Prof. Dr. Muralidhar Miryala (Graduate School of Engineering and Science)
【The awarded organization】Kanto-brunch of Japanese Society for Engineering Education
【The awarded subject】
Advancing the native students in to globalize Japan by adapting innovative techniques; international high school internship program.

Prof. Dr. Muralidhar Miryala (Graduate School of Engineering and Science) had attained Engineering Education Award for Contribution in Higher Education from Kanto Society of Engineering Education at Kogakuin University. This award acknowledged Prof. Miryala's unique implementation and establishment of Annual High School Internship Program that invites top students from international schools in Japan and worldwide to pursue intensive research training under the supervision of renowned faculty members within SIT.

Furthermore, as for his future career goal, Prof. Miryala clearly expressed that it is his goal to internationalize SIT through smart global activities that may further accelerate SIT's journey within its THE/QS ranking projects. He strongly believes this internship program is a stepping stone towards the globalization of Japanese educational system.


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