Shibaura Institute of Technology held an entrance ceremony for the 2019 academic year at Tokyo International Forum on April 2, 2019, marking the start of a new chapter in life for 2,474 undergraduate and graduate students. Representing 140 short-term international students who began studying at SIT from this spring, Noemie Louise Marie Laurens delivered a speech in French and English about her aspirations and new college life in Tokyo. SIT’s ekiden road relay team, which for the first time welcomed six students admitted after being recommended for the “Ekiden project for the university’s founding’s 100th anniversary,” also spoke at the ceremony and urged attendees to support them during upcoming races.

In an address, SIT President Masato Murakami said resolving the economic gap between the haves and have-nots presents a daunting challenge that students must take on in these highly unpredictable times. “In fact, it is known that this economic gap will naturally widen if the problem is left unaddressed,” Murakami said. “So what can we do to stop the gap from widening? The answer is simple. It is education. No matter how much money you earn, you could lose it all in an instant. But what you have learned at university will never disappear.” Murakami underscored the importance of learning and wished the new students good luck with their studies.

Following an address by Hisaya Igarashi, chairman of the SIT Board of Directors, Murakami then outlined SIT’s programs for the Top Global University Project. Students and their families intently listened to these speeches. The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra then performed a short concert, an event arranged by the Shibaura Institute of Technology Alumni Association. The ceremony was splendidly capped by all attendees singing the university song with the choir of the New National Theatre, accompanied by the orchestra, to celebrate this important milestone in their lives.

President Masato Murakami makes a speech.
Hisaya Igarashi, chairman of the SIT Board of Directors, makes a speech.
Noemie Louise Marie Laurens makes a speech on behalf of SIT’s international students.
SIT’s ekiden road relay team


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