Sixty-two new students, including 26 from overseas, moved into the SIT Global Dormitory adjacent to SIT’s Omiya Campus on March 28, 2019, bringing the total number of dorm residents who will start the new academic year to 123. A party to welcome them was held in the multipurpose space on the first floor of the dormitory, which opened in April 2013 as a place for Japanese and international students to live together.

The new students looked a little nervous because it was their first time to meet each other and the current residents. But the dorm residents, including resident advisors (RAs), helped break the ice: RA leader Ryo Inada gave a brief welcoming speech before proposing a toast, and the current residents, including several RAs assigned to each floor, warmed up the atmosphere.

After dinner, attendees played a special bingo game with cards describing events and questions that might typically be asked about dorm life, such as “A person who lives directly above or below your room” and “A person who keeps a doll in their room.” This game provided students meeting each other for the first time with a chance to start conversations, and many Japanese and international students chatted in English.


Resident advisors pose for a photo.
Students chat during the keynote bingo game.

Comments from the RA leader

RA leader Ryo Inada, a second-year student of the mechanical engineering course at the Graduate School of Engineering and Science.

I lived in the dormitory while I was a resident advisor last year. I thought the dorm was a very stimulating, interesting place because there were many interactions among dorm residents. I also felt that the foundation of what the Global Dormitory has become today was built by our RA predecessors.
I will not be complacent about how things are at the dorm. I will play a leading role in bringing together RAs to organize more occasions for Japanese and international students to mingle and try to make SIT Global Dormitory a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live.


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