【Awardee】Ibrahim Masud(Mechanical Engineering)

【Faculty supervisor】
Professor Yoshihide Suwa(Department of Mechanical Engineering)

【Research theme or presentation title, etc. for which he received the award】
Performance prediction of zero head turbine at different water levels

【Supervisor's comments about the achievement】
Purpose of this research is to develop small hydropower turbines suitable for energy harvesting in Nigeria. In this research, he is trying to design zero head system turbines which can be used easily in rural areas. The presentation was on the development of simple calculation method for predicting the power generation amount. As the result of study using that calculation method, influence of the water level and blade angle on turbine's performance was clarified. He already have won the excellent oral paper presentation award at the other international conference. This is the second award he won. We hope results of this research will bring the benefits on the life of people in his country.



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