Announcement of Inquiries on Transcript/Grades of 2nd Semester 2018

Should you have inquiries regarding your 2nd Semester 2018's grades, please bring the transcript / academic report to the Graduate School Section's office.
Inquiries by email or phone call will not be entertained.

The transcript confirmation period is as below :

【School of Engineering and Science】February 14th (Thu.) ~ February 28th (Thu.) 5PM

Please take note that we will not respond to inquiries after the mentioned period.

Announcement of Class Registration Schedule of 1st Semester 2019

This is an announcement of Class Registration schedule of 1st Semester 2019 for Graduate School students.
Registration for 2Q Elective subjects can also be done during this period. 

【Class Registration Period】
April 3rd (Wed.) ~ April 13th (Sat.)
You can register and revise on S*gsot.

【Class Registration Revision Period】
June 3rd (Mon.) ~ June 10th (Mon.)
<NOTE> Only for 2Q elective subjects
You can register and revise by application form.

※The MOT subjects are already abolished by AY2018.


Graduate School Section

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