Lazarus Lemi Chacha Costa (Department: Architecture and Civil Engineering /Year: Master’s 2nd year )
【Faculty supervisor】
Prof. Takeshi IYODA(Department: Department of Civil Engineering) 
【The awarded conference】
Excellent Presentation Award at 73rd Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Civil Engineering
【The awarded Presentation title】
“Technology transfer in construction industry from developed countries to developing countries, case study Japan and south Sudan”
【Presentation content】
The construction industry plays a key role for governments in both developed and developing economies in terms of social - economic infrastructure. South Sudan gained its independence from the Republic of the Sudan on July 9th, 2011 and has very weak Infrastructure, yet very rich country with abundant natural resources. On the other hand Japan has one of the most advance construction industries in the World which contributes to its powerful economy. Concerted effort to share skills, knowledge, technologies, and methods from developed countries like Japan to developing countries remains the biggest challenges, therefore, the research developed the effective modality of technology transfer which is seldom address in construction technology.

Developing the effective model for technology transfer in construction industry is vital. This model will contribute for developing human resources who can effectively develop quality and sustainable infrastructure in developing countries through advance construction technology.

The research will enormously contribute in the quest of advance constructions technology transfer. In the future, developing countries practitioners in construction industry will improve their skills and capacity to construct, maintain and monitor complex constructions of infrastructures using this model.



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