Kahil Mustafa Jamal S(Department:Global course of engineering and science/Year: Master 2)
【Faculty supervisor】
Prof. Eiji Kamioka(Department: Department of Information and Communications Engineering) 
【The awarded conference】
Best paper awards at 2018 International Joint Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CCVPR 2018)
【The awarded Presentation title】
Emotions detection scheme using facial skin temperature and heart rate Variability
【Presentation content】
To detect emotions using biological information, such as skin temperature and heart rate variability.

My research shows potentials method of detecting emotions using mobile computing to recognize and identify emotions (Relax, Fear, Sadness, and Joy) based on facial skin temperature, more specifically 5 spots on the face, nose, glabellar line (between the eyes and eyebrows) right/lift cheeks and the chin, in addition to the Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

This method will be more suitable for young students since they usually under much stress and have no time or money to talk to an expert. It can be detecting negative emotions can prevent us from the bad outcomes.

Special thanks
I would like to thank the CCVPR for honoring me with this reward, and of course I would like to thank the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Japan and Shibaura Institute of Technology specially Professor Eiji Kamioka for his guidance that let me to achieve this reward.


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