On 30th November, the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) held the "GTI Consortium Symposium 2018" at its Toyosu Campus. The GTI Consortium is an international alliance of industry, academia and government, and this symposium was organized to report on the implementation of the Consortium’s activities from the viewpoint of its company and university members, mainly on the topic of gPBL (global project based learning).

In his opening remarks, SIT President Murakami stated that “GTI Consortium members accept diversity and believe that innovation is born from diversity. The GTI Consortium believes it will be the pioneer of innovation for a better world”. Also, SIT Vice President Inoue spoke on the GTI Consortium’s future development as an opportunity for collaborative research by teachers.

SIT President Murakami
SIT Vice President Inoue

Three GTI Consortium Perspectives

  1. A Framgia Inc. company perspective -- "SNS development using Rails"

Mr. Hiroaki Ishida (Framgia Inc.) reported on the advantages of a gPBL program in which company employees and SIT students formed teams and conducted SNS development. This is a collaborative work program that conducts meetings with online video calls and SNS in advance. Students then travel to Vietnam and develop SNS for 2 weeks. Because Framgia Inc. is engaged in offshore IT development for Japanese IT companies, this gPBL had the merit of raising employees' Japanese language skills and ability to communicate with Japanese people.

  1. A Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) university perspective -- "The Kaizen PBL in Thailand"

Associate Professor Kato of SIT described a program that involved staying in the field for 10 days with a mixed team of Japanese and Thai students for the purpose of proposing kaizen techniques on the production line of local Thai factory. Since Kaizen is useful concept for business people, she suggested the possibility of also having employees participate in SMEs as a form of short-term training.

  1. A Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT) university perspective -- "The Fukuoka Institute of Technology's gPBL effort"

Fukuoka Institute of Technology reported on original gPBL program that began this year. Prior to launching the program, teachers and students participated in an SIT gPBL to learn how to organize and implement the program. Since this type of program is based on student's own active learning, it cannot be conducted in a lecture format. Management skills are still required, however. Using this method, FIT was able to conduct this gPBL for 2 weeks in Bangkok on the theme of "cultivating mushrooms utilizing IT". FIT set a goal of having all four of its engineering department prepare the original program and give credit for the program.


Associate Professor Kato of SIT
Professor Fukuda of SIT
Mr. Hiroaki Ishida (Framgia Inc.)
Engineering department Dean Ni of FIT


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